Checking out. Photos by Gary Breckheimer, model is Vivian De Milo.

I shot this in the rain in New York City

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So I’m shooting in Amsterdam at iamsterdam with ifa and I here can I get in the photo from an Australian that is standing behind me… “If you are naked” I said,and she did!
This is not my shot but what her friend shot and just was tagged on Instagram. So if you see me shooting fill free to get naked!

It’s great to be back in NYC with @AdrianaCeara making New Yorker’s day… (at Grand Central Terminal)

Mark Bugzi gets the birthday fingers! (at 紐約唐人街 (NYC Chinatown))

That’s right it is!

LiL enoir Hang’n with the stars in down town Berlin! (at Potsdamer Platz)

Hang’n with Helmut (at Helmut Newton Stiftung)

What a great afternoon with @GretchenRoss and her son. I only needed 1 finger because I he used his hand… (at Berlin)

If I only had one finger I would put it on MissCrash! (at Berliner Dom)

Why the fuck can’t I take a photo without my fingers in it? (at Soviet War Memorial (Schönholzer Heide))

Today we made the security at speedpark very very happy without my fingers….. (at Spreepark Plänterwald)

The all so beautiful Eden Berlin takes 2 fingers after running naked down the middle of StraBe des 17.Juni (at Haus der Kulturen der Welt)

It takes not one but two fingers to work with the sexy “WildatHart” in Berlin . (at Berlin Hermsdorf)

Quite… FN Breckheimer gave me A finger at CS. #lilysynesthesia (at Station Amsterdam Centraal)